Monday, July 6, 2020

Virtual Professional Development

"I wanted to let you know how grateful I am to have had you connect with our staff. I had been reflecting on why I reached out to you, and how I felt that you would be the perfect fit on our journey as educators to better understand how to weave Indigenous ways of knowing and learning with our focus on recognising strengths, unique gifts and talents and knowing your values. I listened and acknowledged the 'signs' that this was the right path....and it was!

The presentation was informal, organic and you were able to showcase your gifts as 'storyteller' while providing our teachers with excellent examples and knowledge. 

I hope we are able to continue our work together, I am excited about future connections with staff AND our students and families!

Again, thank you for today, for your stories, for sharing and building our confidence!"

Have a wonderful rest of your day! I am sure we will be connecting soon.

Implementing the recommendations of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission is a priority in all our schools, in every classroom. And well it should be. In December of 2015, the Commission published 94 'calls to action'  for indigenous and non-indigenous Canadians to come together in a concerted effort to help repair the harm caused by residential schools. Collectively, we have accepted our roles and responsibilities(BTW, had we earlier dealt with the numerous inequalities and injustices, the Commission woould not have been necessary.)

Educators are understandably concerned that Indigenous people will take offense by the use of Indigenous stories and experiences. Educators are worried and yet ready to step up to the plate. Here, I can help.

Through Zoom, Meet, Team, FB live and any one of a growing number of social media platforms, I am able to become part of your classroom instruction, your staff pro-d, your board meeting, parent gatherings, conferences...  

It is early July and I have already had access to almost every group imaginable (in English et en francais). If you would like to talk more about how I might be able to help you and just how that can be arranged, please reach out to Chris Patrick, my friend and agent. He is amazingly easy to reach and talk to. Together, it will be easy to put something together. 
bouchardbookings@shaw.ca  toll free 866-786-4237 

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