Wednesday, April 23, 2014

...touring is not all work

Steve Rensink (Makwa) and I celebrated with his son Nolan on Nollie's 14th birthday. The Jays beat Houston on this night. We did it all - hot dogs, popcorn, drinks and candyfloss. Travel has perks...  

It's spring. Paris has come and gone. I've been to Edmonton, Burlington, Brampton... Today, I am packing for Barrie where I'll spend the next week (after a day in Delaware). 

Saturday, April 5, 2014

Home from Paris

Spring and all that goes with this busy time of the year...

We've been to Paris for the Salon du Livre. Paris in the spring...tells the story. It was amazing and we are blessed to have spent the past nine springs in Paris.

We stopped over in London for a few days. In the past, we've trekked up to Yorkshire but time was a little short. Thus, a few days in London. We will spend a couple weeks in Yorkshire this summer to celebrate Victoria's 16th. We will also be going to Beijing and back to Paris in September.

For now, it's home and there is no place like home! We love Canada - Victoria...the land, the people and everything that goes along with being Canadians. Here we are having dinner with cousin Garry who came all the way down from Leeds to spend the afternoon with us!