Wednesday, March 16, 2022

Am I a conspiracy theorist

Have we been manipulated into thinking that reading is a science that can be applied to everyone - when we choose to apply it? It certainly how we perceived it to be in the See Dick - See Jane era.... How can we be hanging on to that outdated strategy that has failed so many for so long. Is there really a programme that will create readers out of anyone and everyone? Or was Maria Montessori right in her belief that reading is as simple as walking and talking? Marlene Barron nailed it in 1990 but something seems to have blocked her path to truth. Might it have been greed? Money? Check out her I Laen to taed andwrt the wa I laen to tak -

Wednesday, March 9, 2022

Ukrainian folk song - senseless war

I speak to conferences, classes and parent groups. And as I do, I can't rid myself of the dark shadow cast by the senseless killings and heartbreaking suffering of so many Ukrainians. When I lie in bed waiting for sleep to take me, I always think of the many who are hungry and cold - the tens of thousand who are witnessing the destruction of their homes and families and their way of life. Then I spend much of my day listening to why the world cannot stand and face this monster head on and say no more. I wouldn't be a good leader as I am not good at doing little to nothing on most things. There is right and there is wrong. There are, it seems more than ever, those who see conspiracies in everything. I am not among these and find it maddening that ignorant theories can be spread as so many suffer - suffer in a real world. I look forward to someone taking the lead and calling this maniac Putin's bluff. Russians will not allow him to destroy two countries.