Wednesday, March 23, 2011

PARIS 2011

Les Editions des Plaines is one of my primary publishers. For the past four years, they have invited me to Paris (and to Montreal) for the two largest book fairs in the world. Vicki and Victoria always accompany me on internation tours.
The French and Europeans in general are enamoured by Aboriginal culture. That Western Canadians speak French is shocking to many. They seem to enjoy my accent as well as my books.
We spent four days working in the Salon du Livre and are into our final two days of enjoying Paris. We travel home to reality tomorrow and that reality is not too shabby!
Pictured here are two good friends and my publisher, our wonderful friend Huguette...standing in front of me. Merci tellement Hugutte! XO

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

PARIS 2011

For the fourth year in a row, Vicki, Victoria and I are headed for the Salon du Livre in Paris. Some tours are for me...this one is for them.

Something I haven't done for too long now is recommend a book...NO... in this case, recommend an author. Richard Wagamese came to me from THE most reliable source - my Kokum in heaven. She led me to his new One Story, One Song and that turned into five of Richard's books that are in my bag en route to Paris. If you've not read Richard yet, are you ever in for a treat. He is everything perfect in a writer - soft, sensitive, nostalgic, loving (Richard loves his wife Deb and his dog Molly in the exactl same way I love my wife and dog)...He is giving and open and expressive and... I can't recall anything quite like him. And as an added bonus, Richard is Ojibway!

Miigwetch Nokum!