Tuesday, November 12, 2019

Nothing as strong as Motherly Love

Over the years, I have learned that some things are factual. This is one of them. There is no love as powerful as a Mother's love.

And now, I have found a perfect school built on Motherly love, a school for new and expecting mothers, the Louise Dean School in Calgary, Alberta.

Over the past twenty years... I have presented on different continents and in several countries, provinces...cities and reserves. I have met and worked with countless communities and no where and at no time have I found a situation that exuded unconditional love as did my experience at Louise Dean in Calgary.

I am struggling with just how to describe the
school/community so I will use text from their website and pictures taken by Allison Orpe, the Assistant Principal at Louise Dean. Thank you Allison.

 Louise Dean School is a specialized Grade 9 – 12 education program for pregnant and parenting teens. Raising children can be difficult at any age, but becoming a parent before having the chance to finish high school presents a unique set of challenges for a teen mom.  Louise Dean is a compassionate and caring community that provides every young woman on campus with a comprehensive support system including physical and mental health care, child care, and a quality education as they move into their new role of family and community leadership.

The setting I found  myself in was to say the least unique; a gym filled with young moms and expecting moms, educators and of course children...young, very young, active and beautiful children.

In the gym with chairs against the walls and mats covering the floor, I spoke about the strongest love in the world, the love a Mother has for her children. I spoke of Mother Earth from whom we come and to whom we will return. I shared a creation story and a few Trickster Tales. And my listeners were amazing! Their hearts were open. Their minds were sharp. They wanted to listen and to learn for the betterment of their babies. Nowhere could a speaker find a better audience in spite of the fact that, on several occasions, various toddlers would approach me with open arms expecting if not demanding that I pick them up. How could any grandparent not oblige and do so with the greatest pride of having been invited to love them. If my stories were not enough of a hit with the kids, my flutes were. I went down on one knee and dropped any notion of not having anyone touch my flutes (which for health reasons we flute players usually do). 

Louise Dean is a magical refuge for many in need. It is a sanctuary that does what all schools should do, offer hope and guidance. 

Twenty years ago, during my last years in active school administration, our mission statement stated ...We are a sanctuary for students, parents and educators that will recognize and build on every person's gifts. Louise Dean brought it all back to me sugar coated in the deepest and best our world has to offer, a Mother's love.