Monday, December 1, 2014

An Aboriginal Carol

One of my favourite Christmas carols is The Huron Carol.
A few years ago, I created a book out of that song.
With the help of Inuit song writer/singer (and good friend) Susan Uglukark and the gifted Oji Cree artist Moses Beaver, we came up with An Aboriginal Carol.
The title reflects the perfect Aboriginal collaboration - First Nation artist, Inuit musician and Metis author.
This link allows you to hear the story, see the art and hear Susan perform her version of A Huron Carol in her Inuktitut language.
Merry Christmas!

Holly Claus - the Harry Potter of Christmas

Hundreds of thousands, through my conference work, have heard me say that Holly Claus is my favourite Christmas book ever.

Hundreds of thousands have heard me say that Holly Claus is the Harry Potter of Christmas - a book that every family should have read...should have in their library to read and re-read at this time of the year.

If you have not experienced the magic of Brittney Ryan's New York Times best selling Holly Claus, consider this my gift to you.

Imagine a place in time where Santa would receive a letter from a boy asking what he, Santa, would like for Christmas. What if that letter contained the magic that would allow Santa and his wife Vivianna to finally have the child they have dreamed about for centuries. What would they name their child and how would the Christmas Princess deal with the curse that followed her into the land of the Immortals...the land of Forever...???

Canada... Holly Claus is a book for young and old alike. I first shared it with our daughter Victoria when she was six. I last shared it with her...last night... My 16 year old will tell you that her childhood was highlighted by two books - Harry Potter and Holly Claus.

When I asked if she had not outgrown these two classics, she simply answered;

"Dad, I haven't outgrown Harry and Holly. I grew up with them."


Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Voices from the Wild
David Bouchard
Illustrated by: Ron Parker

What would it be like if more than two dozen different wild animals from around the world got together to boast about their senses? David Bouchard delivers a unique explo...ration of the realm of the senses in 25 animal portraits. In warm, lyrical verse, Bouchard introduces the reader to some fascinating aspects of natural history and explores each sense—sight, smell, touch, hearing, and taste—through the voices of such captivating animals as the eagle, orca, wildebeest, cougar, elephant, moose, koala, and wolf.
Enhancing Bouchard's whimsical poetry are the wildlife paintings of noted British Columbia artist Ron Parker. In fact, it is the artist whom the various animals try to impress with their respective senses, whether it is the grizzly's lofty claims for best smell, the penguin's gentle declaration of superior vision, or the gorilla's confident assertion of closeness to humans in all senses.

David Bouchard's vivid poetry and Ron Parker's wonderful artwork breathe life into this endearing menagerie, reminding us of how precious our wildlife is. Together, artist and poet have created a heartfelt portrayal of the age-old relationship between humans and animals, one that young and old alike will remember and cherish.

An acclaimed author of children's books, David Bouchard is also a champion of literacy. This former teacher and school principal has written more than 50 books. He is a member of the Order of Canada.

Ron Parker is recognized as one of the top wildlife artists in North America. He has had many successful shows in Canada and the United States. He spends many hours hiking and photographing in such diverse places as the Northwest Territories, Kenya, Costa Rica and the Rocky Mountains, gathering firsthand knowledge of his subjects and their environment. He lives on Vancouver Island, British Columbia.

Ages 8 and up
11.25 x 7.75, 72 pages, Trade Cloth
Juvenile Non-Fiction / Natural History / Poetry

$24.95 CAD

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

The Great Law

Our new book, the Great Law, has arrived. It was conceived, created and printed in Canada.

It should be available on my website as well as in bookstores by early October. As luck would have it, I was available when the two pallets arrived and heaven only knows, I could use the exercise that comes with unloading 4000 books.

Arifin Graham, our book's designer, stopped by to see the end product. In English and Mohawk, The Great Law features the art of Tuscarora artist Raymond Skye, Mohawk language by Franklin W. Miller, and the music of Oneida singer Joanne Shenandoah.

Saturday, September 20, 2014

Home from Paris

Festival des Ameriques

I stepped off a plan from Beijing and boarded another for Paris.

The "Festival des Ameriques" was the seventh festival Vincenne has hosted for authors from the Americas. Vincennes, in fact all France, has a vested interest in those far off lands that their ancestors were so attracted to and put so much into. Books offer an obvious and natural medium through which the French can scratch that "thirst for knowledge" itch.

I was one of approximately twenty invited Canadian authors. Most of us were francophone but not all were; Margaret Atwood and pictured here, Joseph Boyden.

We were wined and dined in exchange for workshops, debates and lectures. A large tent was erected for our publishers to display our work and for booksellers to do what they do. We were available for signings - daily and usually more than once a day.

One full day was dedicated to youth. I did one workshop for grade elevens and another for grade twelves. I was interviewed in the youth tent where I was asked to tell a story and play my flutes.

And in the midst of it all, my birthday. God Bless Joseph who told our audience it was my birthday and who led them in singing me happy birthday. The only thing missing was family and in life, there is nothing more important than family.

Group hug to you and yours...

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

China and back...

The Chinese have much in common with the beliefs of Canada's Aboriginal people.

I have just returned from an interesting trip to China where I met with numerous publishing houses that are interested in publishing my books. Les Editions des Plaines is negotiating with several houses, one in particular (one of China's top ten publishing houses) that is interested in packaging two series, one with a focus on my Raven books and one that focuses on governance (Seven Sacred Teachings/The Great Law). In a perfect world, they would have one of the two series in place for their National Book Festival in January at which time they would have me back to present at the University of Beijing.

Politics and religion are two topics that seem to be avoided at all times by all segments of Chinese society. The spirituality of FNMI culture however is acceptable, in fact very appealing to them. Mother Earth, Father Sky, Grandmother Moon and Grandfather son. ...Sweetgrass and Sage...Tobacco and our Dreamcatcher.

They asked many questions about the topics in my work and are clearly excited about the possibility of translating them into Mandarin and making them available to their vast market.

This experience has already greatly enhanced my life (and that of Vicki and Victoria). Pictured here is my publisher Joanne (les Editions des Plaines) and members of her team.

Next week's trip to Paris where I will participate in the Festival des Ameriques might prove to be equally as exciting.

Thursday, August 21, 2014

I have always been a storyteller

...I have always told stories...that's why I write.

Thank you Geoff Edwards (streamworks.ca) for this video clip. You have captured my thoughts and my heart:


Friday, August 8, 2014

Book fair in China

As we pack for our trip to Beijing, this arrived:


One of Canada's all-time best-selling authors and most sought-after public speakers, David Bouchard has presented to hundreds of thousands of educators, parents and students the world over. Through his keynotes and presentations, he champions literacy and promotes Aboriginal culture. A former teacher and principal, Bouchard is an award-winning author of over thirty five best selling books, published in many countries and languages. If You're not from the Prairie is listed on MacLean magazine's list of the Top Twenty Children's books in the history of Canada, having sold over half a million copies.



曾担任学校教师和校长的大卫·布沙尔,出版了超过35本最畅销的书籍并屡获殊荣,他的作品被许多国家被翻译并发表。其中《如果你不是从草原来的》被麦克林 杂志排名为加拿大历史上前20名少儿读物销售超过50万册。

David Bouchard's books have won several prestigious awards, among them: Recipient of the Order of Canada for literature in 2009, Canada's highest distinction, the Gold Medal in the Moonbeam Award from I am Raven in 2008, the Bronze Medal in the same Moonbeam Award for Nokum is my Teacher in 2007, the Governor General's Award for The Song Within My Heart in 2004, and many others. 


I am Raven 《我是乌鸦》

To discover your totem is to discover yourself. There are as many totems as there are species of birds, beasts or fish. And how not? Are we not all different?  I am Raven is an Aboriginal Legend on totems. 

探索图腾如同探索自我。世间万物有不同的图腾, 诸如此类我们到底不同在哪里《我是乌鸦》为您讲述原住民关于图腾的传说

Sunday, August 3, 2014

...my thoughts on being Metis

Thank you Geoff Edwards (@streamworks.ca) for a series of mini-video clips he created while visiting me here in Victoria this summer. Geoff is responsible for the sound/video work in a large number of my books. I don't think he had a plan in creating this series...he simply recorded a conversation we were having and...

This is the first:


Sunday, July 27, 2014

Summer 2014

Victoria turns 16

It's July.

Victoria, Vicki and I have been to and returned from the U.K. Victoria's request for her 16th birthday was a trip to Yorkshire, her favourite spot in the world (keep in mind that she's not been to Pincher Creek). We spent a week in Rose Cottage and countless hours with our cousins Garry, Adam, Lewis and families. The Yorkshire Dales exudes in beauty but it's the history that touches us so deeply. We have our own history in Canada that through my work and passion I have learned to appreciate more than many. But Yorkshire? They live in ancient stone houses. They walk on cobblestones that have seen royalty, famine and wars. The stone walls of the Yorkshire Dales can be seen from outer space. In every aspect, these wall are magical. They are what distinguishes Yorkshire from the rest of the U.K...from Europe for that matter.

We then made our way into the Midlands and Wiltshire. Vicki and I are gardeners (well...Vicki is a gardener and I am her go-pher). We love Britain's endless gardens.

We flew home out of London to our own "not too shabby" piece of heaven (showing here).

Professionally, I have to rest for a busy year that we begin in August where I will launch three new books in Beijing (three of my Aboriginal books are being published in Mandarin). A week after our return from China, we fly to Paris where I will be participating in the Festival des Ameriques. Then...my fall tour...that will be highlighted by the release of The Great Law.

Sunday, June 15, 2014

Alas - June

So much has happened over the past few months.
Our school opening was the highlight. My getting healthier has been another.

Dad died in December and I got...unwell. My doctor said it was stress from having lost both my parents but I thought better. Anything and everything that came my way took hold of me, including what seems to have been H1N1. I lost a lot of weight. I had to cancel several presentations/conferences. I finally started feeling better.
The past three weeks have allowed me to spend some quality time working with friends, new and old.
I have one more engagement this month - Aboriginal Days with my friends in Rocky Mountain House. Then...home for a couple weeks...Yorkshire for Victoria's 16th...Beijing for the release of three books in Mandarin...back to Paris and...Whew!
...For now, a little rest - on this special day - Father's Day!

Saturday, May 10, 2014

Spring as it should be...spring in Victoria

This has been, all but for my health, a typical spring - tens of thousands of miles in the air...hotels...conferences and schools! I remain focused on my good fortune and what I can do to make a difference. My dad died in December and with that, my immune system took a time out.
I spent months struggling with one thing or another. Between that and Ontario's harsh winter, I had to remind myself what spring can be like...what good health feels like and how fortunate we Canadians are in every way. This picture was taken in our garden in the month of March. No kidding!

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

...touring is not all work

Steve Rensink (Makwa) and I celebrated with his son Nolan on Nollie's 14th birthday. The Jays beat Houston on this night. We did it all - hot dogs, popcorn, drinks and candyfloss. Travel has perks...  

It's spring. Paris has come and gone. I've been to Edmonton, Burlington, Brampton... Today, I am packing for Barrie where I'll spend the next week (after a day in Delaware). 

Saturday, April 5, 2014

Home from Paris

Spring and all that goes with this busy time of the year...

We've been to Paris for the Salon du Livre. Paris in the spring...tells the story. It was amazing and we are blessed to have spent the past nine springs in Paris.

We stopped over in London for a few days. In the past, we've trekked up to Yorkshire but time was a little short. Thus, a few days in London. We will spend a couple weeks in Yorkshire this summer to celebrate Victoria's 16th. We will also be going to Beijing and back to Paris in September.

For now, it's home and there is no place like home! We love Canada - Victoria...the land, the people and everything that goes along with being Canadians. Here we are having dinner with cousin Garry who came all the way down from Leeds to spend the afternoon with us!

Friday, March 14, 2014

Where have I been all this time?

I have never really lived this experience prior to now.  My doctor (and my wife Vicki) believe that the stress of my mom and dad dying has made me less than well? I believe there is something other than stress that has made me unwell. I have been tested and these tests show nothing wrong. I have been put on various drugs. Nothing. I finally decided to change my diet. After 14 years on the road, I've developed some less than ideal eating and exercising habits. It is difficult and sometimes impossible to eat as I should especially when I find myself in isolated communities. For three weeks, I have been on a Paleo diet. I am feeling better. I will eat better and exercise regularly. We all have the power to live healthy lives. We simply have to get it done. I have so many reasons to live a healthy life. Pictured here is one of them: