Monday, November 2, 2020

Virtual Pro-D and Classroom presentations

I just wanted to thank you for your work with our staff on Monday during our professional learning time.  During the coffee break, I had contacted two of my admin colleagues from other schools and indicated that you and your message was the right thing at the right time.  They may be in touch with you in the near future. 


Your playful spirit of delivery addressed our own mental health concerns at present as everyone deals with the day to day fatigue of responses to living in a global pandemic.  It was great to laugh as a team.  Your guidance on protocol and medicines was also perfect in that we are, for the first time, delivering a Cree Language class to kindergarten, with anticipation of growing that program to other grades in years to come.  The message of meeting students where they are at hits home in we see so many kids that are struggling to deal with what we offer especially after a 6-7 month hiatus from in-class learning.  The artificial timeline of milestones is too confining and not allowing personal growth in the space that they need.  As a group, our staff wrestles with needs of learners and demands of our Ministry of Ed.  It was reassuring to see and hear proof of success all in good time.

This is a quote from an email I received after a virtual Pro-d I did this past week.

Last week was...amazing; two pro-d sessions and four classroom presentations.  I had no idea how my life as a conference/classroom presenter would turn out and frankly I am still not sure where things are headed. 

The virus is as dangerous today it has ever been. Things are not apt to change for some time and even when they do, the world will forever be changed. We have all learned. Even those who resist safety measures are learning. 

In my work, my priority and passion lies in Indigenous Values and teachings. Truth and Reconciliation is another reality that is not going away. Dealing with the T&R Recommendations is intimidating to teachers, administrators and boards. If approached from a respectful, informed place, we can achieve what we should have years ago. 

This is my passion and the essence of many of  my presentations. 

I also continue to  promote reading and offer suggestions for boards, staffs and teachers on how to get schools and students reading. 

And finally, in all I do, I speak to mental health and Individual gifts. These two important topics permiate all we do...all we are! 

This is a link to booking me. Thanks - group hug - 


Thursday, October 15, 2020

                   Le lancement de notre nouveau livre

Aujourd'hui, le 15 octobre, on a lancé notre nouveau livre, On apprend du soleil. En direct de ma cabane à Victoria, j'ai pu partagé le livre avec des centaines d'enseignants, d'étudiants et d'adultes intéressés.

Le lancement a été exécuté via Zoom et même si je n'ai pas pu voir mon public, des questions ont été soumises et j'ai pu partager le comment et le pourquoi de ce magnifique livre pour enfants.

Merci à Medicine Wheel Education pour tout ce que vous faites. Et un merci spécial à vous pour avoir publié mon livre en français.

Le français est toujours la langue seconde du Canada et il y a un grand nombre de francophones d'un océan à l'autre qui s'intéressent à la culture autochtone.

Alors. merci à tous. Notre prochaine aventure sera une autre collaboration entre moi, Kristy Cameron et Medicine Wheel Education. Notre livre présentera aux lecteurs notre famille naturelle; Mère Terre, Père Ciel, Grand-Père Soleil, Grand-Mère Lune - et les étoiles... toutes nos relations.

Ce printemps, attendez la sortie de Rencontres ta famille.

Monday, October 5, 2020

Mon nouveau livre, On apprend du Soleil, rassemble les peintures vibrantes de l'artiste métisse Kristy Cameron et mes poèmes en rimes. Mon poème/mon nouveau livre s'inspire des Sept enseignements sacrés et partage avec mes lecteurs les profondes leçons que nous pouvons tous apprendre du soleil.

Ce dernier livre est publié par Medicine Wheel Education et est maintenant disponible. 

Monday, September 7, 2020

My Favourite Books

A first reading list - sharing my favourites 

Over the past four decades, I have fallen in love with dozens of books. Honing that list down is almost impossible yet I will try to lay out a list for any who are interested. 

This first grouping (...there will be others):

Primary: Guess who my favourite person is - by Byrd Baylor  (Indigenous - my We Learn from the Sun

Intermediate: The Cremation of Sam McGee by Robert Service - illustrations by Ted Harrison (Indigenous - my I am Raven)

Middle School: The Last Apprentice by Joseph Delaney (...and my Voices from the Wild

High School/Adult reader: The Golden Spruce by John Vaillant (Indigenous - Ragged Company by Richard Wagamese) 

Educators/Parents: I learn to read and write the way I learn to walk and talk by Marlene Barron (Indigenous focus - The Mishomis Book  by Edward Benton-Banai)

Seasonal winners: Hallowe'en - Ghost Eye Tree by Bill Martin Junior

                              Christmas - Children of Christmas by Cynthia  Rylant

                              Christmas - The Legend of Holly Claus by Brittney Ryan