Saturday, April 28, 2012

...a magical week in Wild Rose

Thank you to friend/colleague Brian Celli for allowing me to work with students, staff and parents in beautiful NW Alberta's Wild Rose School Division.
I have just returned from a week of working with the best of Canadians, Aboriginal, non-Aboriginal, newly arrived from all over the world...and of course our very best and our future: our children/students. I've shared Metis/Aboriginal culture. I've shared my flutes and our music. I've told stories...heard stories and most of all, I've imparted what I wanted to leave them with: I don't want to make choices for anyone, including my own daughter Victoria. I would only like to share my life's learnings that will help individuals make qualitative decisions. Reading is so very important in a person's life. It opens doors. It allows us the freedom of information and travel. It enriches our lives on so many fronts. And the best thing is that reading is accessible to every person...it's as simple as finding one book...the right book...and allowing yourself to get hooked. Thank you Brian. Thank you Skychild. Thank you O'Chiese. Thank you Drayton Valley, Rocky, Condor and Breton... Miigwetch Wild Rose.

Friday, April 13, 2012

A close up look at Chris Patrick - agent/friend

Chris Patrick has been my agent and close friend for almost as long as I've been married.

An accountant by trade, Chris has run countless public events and has been responsible for raising millions of dollars for charities and needy people; victims of cancer, aides, abuse... Chris has also been the key figure in allowing me to reach over a million people over the past 13 years. Nothing I have done would have been possible without Chris: being named to the Order of Canada, tours around the globe and to every remote corner of Canada,having more than 60 books published...

A few years ago, Chris became directly involved in my work as a writer. Through More Than Words Book Publishers, he helped publish I am Raven and the Seven Sacred Teachings. Both books quickly became Canadian Best Sellers. Since that time, MTW Books has published several other books, all works of art in a league of their own within the Canadian Publishing Industry.

Chris sometimes joins me at a conferences where he sells a few books and meets my public. His time in the field always pays huge dividends. Last weekend in Regina was such an occasion. Chris flew in to attend the 13th annual Treaty Four Educational Conference. He sold books, made new contacts and rose to the occasion when asked if he would introduce me.

I'm proud to introduce Chris to any and all who only know him as a warm, compassionate, friendly voice at the end of a long telephone line. Here is my partner, agent and extremely good friend Chris Patrick...doing what God meant him to do...doing what he does best...talking!

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Paris book festival...le Salon du Livre 2012

Five years ago, Vicki, Victoria and I were blown away by an offer to spend a week in Paris at the Salon du Livre...the largest French book fair in the world. We were incredibly well received and invited back the following year.

2012 marks the fifth year in a row that our family celebrates books, literacy and family in Paris...and every year gets better - better contacts, persentations, etc...

Merci beaucoup Les Editions des Plaines, our French publisher and wonderful friends. Huguette, Joanne and the Plaines team in Winnipeg shine their light all across western Canada as well as in the heart of la belle ville de Paris.