Sunday, December 6, 2015

December - and still smiling

It's December and I am still smiling.

I have qualified for Super Elite Status yet again this year. What that means is that I've boarded an Air Canada flight 95 times in the past year - either that or I have flown 100,000 miles. Either way, I've been out there and it's been good.

Yesterday, I spoke to the administrators of Grand Erie. The GREAT Conference was held in the beautiful community of Niagara on the Lake - an ideal venue that speaks to the value the district places on these dedicated professionals. I hooked up with old friends and made several new ones. I'll be back in Grand Erie in the winter months and again in the spring. Smiling.

I have one last event this December. This coming Friday, I will speak to the students of Abbeydale Elementary in Calgary and in the afternoon, I'll work with the staffs of three of Calgary's Area Three schools. That's probably enough...

Merry Christmas to all...from my family and Santa (sometimes known around Victoria as David Manson).