Monday, February 15, 2016

Seven Gens - Rainy River

A week in Rainy River -

Seven Gens is one of Aboriginal Canada's reasons to believe. http://www.7generations.org/

I am just home from a week in Rainy River working with Anna, Kim and Director Brent - working with students, staff and parents of four major reserves. Our goal was to inform these communities of the need to read as well as what it takes to become readers. Each of my listerners was gifted with a copy of my recent release, Voices from the Wild. Some of these kids own three books and only three books, all three books that, over the past six years, Seven Gens put into their hands.

Windigo Island is the hardest of the reserves to access however with Lake of the Woods frozen over... This picture tells the story.

I am home fulfilled and hopeful after a good week on Windigo Island, in Big Grassy, Lac La Croix, Onigaming and Seven Gens High School in Fort Frances and in Canada's first secure custody facility for Aboriginal Youth, GE-DA-GI-BINEZ Youth Centre.