Saturday, June 4, 2011

A Reading List with an Aboriginal focus

For my new friends - for WILU members with whom I had the privilege of spending yesterday… (http://www2.uregina.ca/wilu2011/)

Thank you for your kind and wonderful reception. I’d like to tell you that all my audiences are as warm and passionate about my message as you were but it isn’t so.

You are wonderful - a national treasure. Miigwetch/marcee/thank you.

This is the list I promised you – the books I spoke about during my workshop.

Books by Aboriginal writers…that include aboriginal readers - the few that I was able to speak to in our short time together:

1. Joseph Boyden’s Three Day Road and his Through Black Spruce
2. Richard Wagamese’s One Native Life, For Joshua, Keeper ‘n Me, and my favourite Ragged Company
3. Drew Hayden Taylor’s Motorcycles and Sweetgrass, his Me Funny and Me Sexy.
4. Joseph Bruchac’s….plethora of excellent books.
5. Joseph Marshall III's One Hundred in the Hand
6. Picture book by Dale Auger…Mwakwa – Talks to the Loon
7. Picture books by Richard Van Camp and George Littlechild
8. Picture books by C.J. Taylor
9. Picture book by Maxine Trottier
10. Picture/cultural books that I have written

Books that include aboriginal readers
1. Alfred Silver’s The Red River Story
2. Tyler Trafford’s Sun on the Mountains (trilogy)
3. John Vaillant’s The Golden Spruce (I spoke of Tiger as well)
4. Paul Peel’s Autobiography
5. Sacajawea by Anna Lea Waldo
6. Guy Vanderhaeghe’s The Englishman’s Boy and The Last Crossing
7. Gear and Gear’s multitude of books…I spoke to their newest Coming of the Storm and the their YA Children of the Dawnland.
8. Jean Auld’s Clan of the Cave Bear series
9. Win Blevins’ Stone Song and his Rock Child
10. The Diary of John Jewitt
11. Michelle Paver’s Chronicles of Darkness
12. Manda Scott’s Boudica
13. Thomas Berger’s Little Big Man

During my keynote, I read from Richard Jorgensen's Reading with Dad

That's it... I home safe and sound...without the iPad I thought I might have landed at the U of R. Darn ...Group hug -

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