Friday, June 24, 2011

School's out for summer...

My spring tour is over. It was amazing! In the past three months alone, I have travelled 70,000 miles and made hundreds of new friends. In spite of those miles, hotels and restaurants, I'm feeling strong and healthy.

I spent a good part of June in the Rocky Mountains. In Pincher Creek, I worked with my Blackfoot friends and was able to catch up with my old friends Tyler and Judy Trafford. Tyler is the author of one of my favourite series ever: Sun on the Mountains.
In Valemount, I was hosted by my old friend Claude Germain. I stayed in Moose Cottage at Teepee Meadows. The mountains don't get any prettier and the mountain men don't get any sweeter!

I now have a few weeks to spend at home, catching up. I hope to get two of my new books wrapped up and printed by the fall. Red Deer also has my book Rainbow Crow ready to go. It could/should be out by September or October.

Catching up on my writings, walking my dogs, resting and getting reacquainted with my family... I started my home time by going to my dad's doctor for a three way chat..a talk about drugs, pain, sleep and all those vital things in the life of a 93 year old. The amazing part of this story is that dad is in great shape. He walks a ton. He drives too much. He cares for my mom, his dog and anyone who needs caring for. My dad has set the bar terribly high...as shown in this picture. As I write, my dad is calling me with updates on the NHL draft and the Blue Jays playing in the ninth.

Life doesn't get any better. I wish this kind of happiness for all...

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