Sunday, May 29, 2011

Coming into June

It's the end of May and I'm home from the longest tour of my last twelve years. I've never been away from home for so much of any one month. I left home on May 1st and didn't come home for three weeks. I came home for two days then left again for a week in Orillia. May was a good month but not the healthiest of months. I find it difficult being away from my family. I know there are many out there, particularily in the far north, who are able to/or have to in some cases. For me, it's difficult. My issues are likely linked to my childhood growing up in a private boys college, College Mathieu in Gravelbourg, Sask. My years there were good but often lonely.

...I leave tomorrow for Kelowna but the month of June is a well balanced month...road and home in harmony. It's all good...Oh...I should add that I have found a family on the road. Just look at these two handsome, smiling faces. How could anyone not love men like these?

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