Thursday, May 19, 2011

End of a long tour

Tomorrow will be the final day of the longest tour of my year. I left home on May 1st and I've been away from my home and family for three weeks...missing Vicki's birthday, Mother's Day...Victoria's school dance and more...

I have traveled thousands of miles. Tonight, I sleep in Montreal. Last night, I slept in Ottawa. The night before that, Cambridge... If it sounds like I'm tired, I am a little. Planes, hotels and restaurants will do that to a person. If it sounds as if I'm ungrateful, I am not. I am grateful for the opportunity to make many new friends, to share my learnings and to matter where there is a need. I'm grateful to be able to see so much of our beautiful country (Owen Sound, Saugeen, Bracebridge...Cambridge and Ottawa)! And as an added bonus, I get to spend time with friends and family (cousins Denis, Ro and Lauren, friends Steve Rensink, Jeff Burnham, Raymond Skye, Ray Auger, and Tribal Vision (shown here).

I will go home tomorrow night for two quality days before flying back to Ontario for a week in Barrie, Orillia and Rama! It's all good!

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