Sunday, July 27, 2014

Summer 2014

Victoria turns 16

It's July.

Victoria, Vicki and I have been to and returned from the U.K. Victoria's request for her 16th birthday was a trip to Yorkshire, her favourite spot in the world (keep in mind that she's not been to Pincher Creek). We spent a week in Rose Cottage and countless hours with our cousins Garry, Adam, Lewis and families. The Yorkshire Dales exudes in beauty but it's the history that touches us so deeply. We have our own history in Canada that through my work and passion I have learned to appreciate more than many. But Yorkshire? They live in ancient stone houses. They walk on cobblestones that have seen royalty, famine and wars. The stone walls of the Yorkshire Dales can be seen from outer space. In every aspect, these wall are magical. They are what distinguishes Yorkshire from the rest of the U.K...from Europe for that matter.

We then made our way into the Midlands and Wiltshire. Vicki and I are gardeners (well...Vicki is a gardener and I am her go-pher). We love Britain's endless gardens.

We flew home out of London to our own "not too shabby" piece of heaven (showing here).

Professionally, I have to rest for a busy year that we begin in August where I will launch three new books in Beijing (three of my Aboriginal books are being published in Mandarin). A week after our return from China, we fly to Paris where I will be participating in the Festival des Ameriques. Then...my fall tour...that will be highlighted by the release of The Great Law.


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