Monday, November 6, 2023

Implementing the recommendations of the TRC - A difficult challenge

Telling your students the Truth as you attempt to implement the recommendations of TRC is a very difficult assignment. 

If ONE person, a parent, a trustee, an administator or...any ONE person has an issue  with your efforts, it could be  disastrous. It could mean your job/your livelhood. 

Yet, you want to do your share. What can you do? 

Educate them - your students (and your community) about the values and beliefs of  those to whom we  know we are owing. One way to do this is for you to use my books that focus on the Sacred Teachings. These Teachings are consistent among many First Nations.  To  access those of the Haudenosaunee, use my book The Great Law.

For middle school - high school, the Seven Sacred Teachings is a beautifully illustrated look at the Grandfather Teachings/Teachings or the White Buffalo Calf Woman. To support the book, allo me to read it to them


For every right there is a wrong.  For each of the Sared Teachings there is a Deceiver. Again, the book and/or the video clip: 

I have written a version of the teachings for younger readers. Medicine Wheel Education has published We Learn from  the Sun - in English, en francais and in Ojibwe. They also have created and offer, for very little money, a teachers' guide. 

If you find success by using my books through what is a positive educational approach to implementing the recommendations, you might want to look at Meet Your Family, again in the three languages and again offering a teachers' guide. This book is currently the most popular of my books. I say currently as I have three exciting titles soon to be released. I will speak further to these this coming week.

If I can be of any further assistance, I'm here. 
I do online presentations as well as in person events. 

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