Tuesday, January 17, 2023

Are you a person of faith

 Have you ever been asked your faith or your religion?

Why? Should it matter?

At this ripening age, I can comfortably speak to "religion and spirituality" and it feels good. This image summarizes my feelings/belief: 

Am I the only person who remembers (admittedly vaguely, but still...) coming from somewhere into this human body? 

Where I came from was unknown to me until my late Mother died and then it all made sense. It all came together. The circle was complete... 

Best I lay it out as I plan on blogging a thoughts on a few of my books and  how their messages all tied into this understanding of the world  around us - 

Our  Mother 

You and  I, we are related. We share the same Mother. We, all of us, humans, animals and the swimmers and crawlers and flyers...the mountains, the creeks, the trees and the flowers...Grandfather Rock and... I'm sure I made my point. We, ALL OF US, come from her and when we die, we go back to her - dust to dust as it is said in the bible. Thus, we are all related. We are all one family. 

Our Father

When our bodies were formed, we needed air. Our first breath, came to us from our Father.So it is that we speak of Mother Earth and Father Sky. 

Our Grandfather

Our Father gets his energy, which is substantial, from his Father the Sun. 

Every day, we all witness the power of the sun. And for those of  us who have lived long enough, we understand the wisdom of our Grandfathers and the value of learning from them. Thus, we do - We learn from the Sun!

We need but look to Grandfather Sun and follow his path through Father Sky. In so doing, we will come to understand how we should  live our lives as we become aware of the Sacred Teachings.

Our Grandmother

You will no doubt have already come to the conclusion that our Grandmother is the Moon. Of  course, you are right. 

Every night, she shines her light on Mother Earth and rejuvenates the reproductive powers which are needed for all the new life Mother Earth creates. 

There is so much that can be said about each of our shared family members...many books have been written and countless stories told. 

We have also come to learn that there are thirteen Grandmothers living on the back of Grandmother Moon - thirteen Grandmothers who watch over us and who are there to... 

....I had better stop as there is so much to share.

All Our Relations 

And finally, the piece that completes the circle. As with all things in life, everything moves in a circle. We are born - to our common Mother and Father. We learn from our Grandfather and our Grandmother and now... 

I remember being out in the garden with my dog...looking up into the dark night sky. My Mother had  just died and I wanted to understand.

Oh, I  knew where her body had gone. In fact, her ashes lie right next to my desk in my shack...and I carry a few in my medicine bag that hangs up tight over my heart. 

I knew where her body had gone but where was that sparkle I saw in her eye when she giggled or puckered her lips to kiss me as I readied to sleep? 

Where was that twinkle that was my Mother...and then, right then, it came to me. Remember the image that started me on this rant? Here...the one up on the right... 

Everything moves in a circle. We are all related. We come from her and we return to her. But what of that spark...that twinkle that  is usually refered to as our souls? What of the spark I think I recall claiming my body all those years ago. 

Well, if my theory holds true, and it could likely stand up against many of the world's oldest religions, my late Mother was there...a star among stars...my ancestors. 

If this is so, I will indeed be reunited with her and all my relations. 

And THAT feels right. 

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