Friday, February 25, 2022

Liars - Haters and those who should be standing up to them...

When did the word misinformation take the place of the word we used to use, lies. I prefer lies. And haters? People who spread lies are called haters. But let's be clear, these haters are also liars. Everyone, including countless Russians, know that Putin is a liar. He is lying and spreading hate for his own sick, personal ambition. It is known and yet, so many are standing by doing nothing or saying nothing and I find that sickening. Sharing a similar plot but on a smaller scale, I have been subject to hate and lies. Over ten years ago, a group of people collaborated in finding something that might discredit me, information that would put into question my Indigenous bloodlines. They threw their lies out on Twitter and let it brew its nasty roots. I immediately responded to their posting but they disappeared knowing that the damage had been done. I posted my genealogy of the front page of my website for anyone who had questions. That posting is still there. Ten years later, their lies live on. Sadly, we (Canadians) often turtle and choose not to stand up to these hurtful haters. I am at a place in my life where these misguided people can spread their hate in as many forms as possible. They don't want to hear truth. They want to hurt and spread hurt through malicious gossip without taking the time to look into what they heard, from whomever, whenever. There are, however, many young people whose lives and careers are being attacked as I was - as I am. For these people, please stop the hate. Gossip is wrong. Talk to the source and have the courage to act on what you believe is right. This clip is two minutes of me ranting and pleading with good people to stand up to haters and liars. The world has enough problems without world leaders being allowed to lie, hate and eventually kill. It starts small and ends up with... I am not ready to roll over and go away. This I post for my Grandfather, my Mother and my children - shown in the posted picture.

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