Wednesday, May 27, 2020

We Learn from the Sun

I don't even know where to begin.

We Learn from the Sun is being launched June 9th and will be available from that day forward. It is being published by Medicine Wheel Education, Victoria, B.C. Simply said, this book is...wow... https://medicinewheel.education/
WE LEARN FROM THE SUN BOOK (Ships June, 4th) - Medicine Wheel Education - Bookstore
This wow is not so much in response to the book itself although it is honestly wow.

This wow is directed at the unprecedented energies a group of young, passionate publishers have invested in producing and publishing We Learn from the Sun. Medicine Wheel has created a book that I am convinced will be a game changer for primary children.

"This richly illustrated book by Metis writer David Bouchard and Metis illustrator Kristy Cameron, weaves together Woodland style paintings with a rhythmic poem about the spiritual lessons that we can learn from the Sun and the seven sacred teachings."  Goodreads 

My book, The Seven Sacred Teachings with the same artist, Ojibway Metis Kristy Cameron, is a best seller that is being used extensively and effectively in classrooms across Canada.

This new book focusses on the same teachings only in this book, we have created text and imagery meant for younger readers. Youth, both Indigenous and  non-Indigenous, should be introduced to the spirituality of Indigenous people everywhere. These teachings are recognized and accepted world wide. Not religion. Spiritual guidance.

"We Learn from the Sun is an Indigenous rhyming poem based on his best selling book Seven Sacred Teachings. A Teacher Lesson Plan and Resource Guide accompany the book. It's a beautiful poem with colorful illustrations about the Seven Sacred Teachings to be learned from the sun." 49th Shelf

Medicine Wheel Education wanted to help educators and parents build on the teachings so they included a teacher lesson plan and resource guide. Check it out on their website.

Good  luck.

Reach out to me if you need me. I will always be here for you.


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