Thursday, August 24, 2017

Learning to CHILL

Catholic and a baby boomer -

When you are brought up Catholic...by Oblate priests and Cecile Mercier (my late mom), relaxing is not an option. The word chill is not a part of their vocabularies. Doing little to nothing, no matter why or when, is as close to a sin as you can come without being punished for it (...if you believe in sins).

My summer has been chill. Cousin Garry came over to two weeks and that was a real highlight as are all his visits. We barbecue, enjoy our city and all in all, we make the world a better place. Garry is back in Yorkshire awaiting our spring visit...

We then had Makwa and Nancy for a few days. Steve and Nancy have just become grandparents for a second time. They spent a few days here with their daughter Megan and that afforded us some great visiting time. Steve is
a master flute maker as well as my great friend.

And then, in keeping with the spirit of repos and chill, our good friends (and my partner in two Metis books), Dennis and Sharon Weber came to town. We went for dinner at our favourite hang out, Little Jumbo.

We had my old friend Laurie and and her friend John over for a barbecue.

Allan Primeau's niece Fanny from Montreal tried our cap steak.

Victoria turned 19 so there were parties - that I attended and enjoyed.

James is always a highlight in my day to day life.

And finally, this: Molson Canada gifted a classic Molson fridge to 150 Canadians. Brilliant, I say. Credit to living so long and having a great agent in Chris Patrick, I received this beauty (no, no beer included but still). Can you imagine a better gift for a man who is committed to learning how to "chill"??? I think not!!!

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