Friday, January 30, 2015

Headed to Nain

I am headed to Nain and soooo looking forward to this trip...

If you've not heard of Nain, it's worth a Google. The vast majority of the people there are Inuit and the community is as reflective of their culture as you might expect. Yes, I will post pictures.

Our garden in Victoria is inundated with crocuses and snow drops as I pack my flutes, books and bags and regret not having kept my long johns from my life in Saskatchewan (If you're not from the Prairie). And no, I don't resent leaving this beautiful weather in Canada's most gentle city. I am going to Nain!

The last time I visited northern Labrador was when I was invited to work with the Innu, my Grandmother's people. It was an amazing trip.

In the picture on the right, I'm standing with my host Barb in front of our hotel in Natuashish. I know it doesn't look all that special but hey...it has a dining room (shown here).

Tomorrow, I fly from Victoria to Vancouver and on to Toronto. Sunday, I will fly from Toronto to Halifax, Halifax to Goose Bay and from Goose Bay, I have a 300 km flight north to Nain.

Ours will be a smaller plane likely jam packed with supplies. We few passengers will take up the balance of the space. There is no service or bathroom on board.

In our day and age, true adventure is becoming harder and harder to find. Don't get me wrong, I love working in Paris, London, India and China but tomorrow...tomorrow, I am headed to Nain!!!


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