Friday, January 2, 2015


2015 - and this is good 

There were highlights in 2014 as there are every year, however, in many ways, 2015 couldn't have come soon enough.

In spite of looking forward to this new year, I don't take anything in life for granted - and that includes 2014 and the opportunities that this year offered my family and me.

We were blessed with an invitation to China. This wasn't our first invitation but it is the first that we accepted.

We spent our spring break at the Salon du Livre in Paris (...our tenth consecutive year).

We celebrated Victoria's 16th birthday in London and in Yorkshire.

And I went back to Paris for the Festival des Ameriques in September.

How anyone could complain after this kind of calendar year is almost inconceivable.

There were great trips and there were books, of course. There are always books in my life.

We launched our new book, The Great Law, in Mohawk territory.

Goodminds Books in Brantford hosted an event that saw a good number of friends and family gather for the celebration.

Ray Skye and I are grateful to Jeff Burnham and his staff for this and for all they do for our Aboriginal communities.

Even with this beautiful book, four overseas trips and dozens of great venues in Canada, the real highlight for me was the opening of the David Bouchard Public School in Oshawa.

Alison, Lauren, Tammy and staff and the entire Oshawa community honoured me by linking me forever to their kids, parents and professionals.

I could write for hours about how the school came to be, who it serves, the dedicated professionals and volunteers who make it tick...and the 650 kids that mean so much to all of us.

...However, I'd not be able to touch on the magic. So here are a couple of pictures and a link... 


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