Monday, January 19, 2015

2015 - my best year ever

My best year ever: 2015

This is going to be my best year ever. Have you ever felt something in your bones and just knew it was going to be? Well, this is that feeling and this is the year.

It's started off perfectly. I am in great health. My family is healthy and happy. Those in and around me are all good - to the exception of Olivia, a beautiful student at the DBPS in Oshawa, who was taken from us. Cancer can and will be beaten. Until then, so many continue to be hurt. My good friend and web designer, Michael Waters, is also in a battle with cancer. This is a battle he will win. I'll keep you informed.

I spent last week in Edmonton, one of my favourite cities in Canada. For those of you who have not been, be sure to spend some time on Whyte Ave. I'm not kidding, it is the funkiest street in our country. I feel hip/cool just walking down that street - in fact, I think I walk differently on Whyte than I normally do.

I spoke to...thousands while there. Here is a shot of T.D. Baker, one of those amazing groups of kids I presented to on this tour.

I'm packed and ready to head to Ontario tomorrow. I'll come home for one week and then bundle up for a week in Northern Labrador, Nain and Hopedale. I am sooooo excited.

Enough. I will post pics - I promise.

Until then, join me in making 2015 a magical year (and not only the year my friend/agent Chris Patrick turned 60).

Group hug


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