Friday, August 8, 2014

Book fair in China

As we pack for our trip to Beijing, this arrived:


One of Canada's all-time best-selling authors and most sought-after public speakers, David Bouchard has presented to hundreds of thousands of educators, parents and students the world over. Through his keynotes and presentations, he champions literacy and promotes Aboriginal culture. A former teacher and principal, Bouchard is an award-winning author of over thirty five best selling books, published in many countries and languages. If You're not from the Prairie is listed on MacLean magazine's list of the Top Twenty Children's books in the history of Canada, having sold over half a million copies.



曾担任学校教师和校长的大卫·布沙尔,出版了超过35本最畅销的书籍并屡获殊荣,他的作品被许多国家被翻译并发表。其中《如果你不是从草原来的》被麦克林 杂志排名为加拿大历史上前20名少儿读物销售超过50万册。

David Bouchard's books have won several prestigious awards, among them: Recipient of the Order of Canada for literature in 2009, Canada's highest distinction, the Gold Medal in the Moonbeam Award from I am Raven in 2008, the Bronze Medal in the same Moonbeam Award for Nokum is my Teacher in 2007, the Governor General's Award for The Song Within My Heart in 2004, and many others. 


I am Raven 《我是乌鸦》

To discover your totem is to discover yourself. There are as many totems as there are species of birds, beasts or fish. And how not? Are we not all different?  I am Raven is an Aboriginal Legend on totems. 

探索图腾如同探索自我。世间万物有不同的图腾, 诸如此类我们到底不同在哪里《我是乌鸦》为您讲述原住民关于图腾的传说

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