Sunday, December 8, 2013

Home for the holidays

Winnipeg, Niagara on the Lake, Edmonton, Fort McMurray and now, for the first time in three weeks, home.

I was on the road when winter hit. I wondered whether or not I should take my parka and gloves. I did, thank God.

I brought winter to Winnipeg...then to Niagara on the Lake and...winter was waiting for me in northern Alberta. Yet, I'm from the Prairie so I had no problem with the cold or the snow.

And today, I'm home. I have come home to see my dad off. He is 96 and has lived a blessed life. Our mom died two years ago December 10th and that is very possibly the date she will come for dad. My only sister Diane and I have learned so much from these two beautiful people. Their final teaching is possibly their most lasting and most important. They have taught us how to die. Dad can't talk, eat or drink. Yet when, for a short period of time, he opens his eyes...he reaches out to us and pulls us toward him for a kiss. My wish for every one of you this Christmas is that you have this kind of love in your lives.


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