Sunday, December 9, 2012

Christmas starts early for me...

It's December and I'm done my fall tour...

I have been on the road for three full months. My calendar shows what has likely been the busiest fall since I began touring twelve years ago. I've been everywhere but home. However, I'm now home for a month, home to catch up on my writing and home to make time for family and loved ones.

I wanted to post one picture that best describes the past few months and I think this is it. Canada has become a wonderful tapestry of colours and cultures. We are a stronger and better country than we once were. We are brighter and more caring...more tolerant and more interesting.

I have spent the past three months talking to parents, educators, trustees and the public at large. However, the greatest influence I've had has been on students. Primary children have heard me say that stories are better for them than television. They have heard me say that the best stories come from... 1. their Grandparents 2. their teachers and 3. from the library. Intermediate and Secondary students have heard me say that reading is a humanity and not a science...that anyone can become a reader and through reading, access anything their heart desires. All it takes is one book.

I'm home to write that one book...the one that might open the door to one person. That is my task over the next few weeks...that and to sit with my old dad as he prepares to go meet mom who died a year ago tomorrow, December 10th.

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