Sunday, November 25, 2012

Almost December and...

It's almost December and I'm still on the road.

I have traveled tens of thousands of miles in the last month alone. Treaty 7. Treaty 8. Cree8 Success, Conferences focusing on Aboriginal issues, literacy, reading...parenting... I've been back and forth from coast to coast to coast. It's almost Christmas and I have but two more weeks on the road then home.

I love my work...it's the travel that can be harsh. You'd think that being Canadians, a little snow wouldn't set us back and put us off track but does. A simple snow fall can (and often does) shut Calgary's airport down and the rippling effect of that is crazy. My flights have been cancelled, delayed, re-routed and almost always late. Travel...that's the hard part of touring.

The best part? ...This is it right here.. and in the picture shown here, my good friend Jason Jones from Red Gut in Ontario...Jason and the Junior Ojibway class. This is why I do what I do... This is what keeps me out there...

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