Sunday, November 4, 2012

A quick November check in...

Early November and I'm home...for my dad's 95th on Tuesday, the 6th.

I've been on the road since...???...September. I've had a couple pit stops, one including son Etienne's wedding in San Fran. but I've been out there and everywhere. Other than conference work and schools, I was a part of an amazing book launch. Our Rainbow Crow was launched at Toronto's Arts and Letters Club . At the event, David Jean, my partner, sold the original drums from our book. Magical evening...

I have a month left before I'm home for Christmas...a favourite time for my family and me.

There is much to say and share but I don't want to miss a single opportunity to share a great list that United Library Services has just released: https://www.uls.com/ULS/email/2012/10/first-nations-list.html?utm_source=ULS&utm_medium=email&utm_content=displaylink&utm_campaign=2012%20First%20Nations

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