Monday, May 7, 2012

Diversity in Grande Prairie

Equity, diversity and human rights in Grande Prairie... I see exciting things happening around me...almost daily. Most are from our youth. Kids have never been as smart and able as is this generation. They are living the things I grew up writing essays about: environmental well being, human
rights, acceptance not mere tolerance. My daughter calls me on running more water than I should be. She would never dream of doing some of the things I did as a youth to our environment. That being said, adults are cashing in on some creative and innovative actions. Barack Obama is President of the U.S.A. The Berlin wall is no more. Alberta has elected a woman premier. In B.C., teachers came out opposing standardized test. Shortly thereafter, educational administrators joined them in their condemnations. This year, the B.C. Trustees have joined rank. This past week, I worked with staff in Grande Prairie in gearing up for a new programme that will focus on Equity, Diversity and Human Rights. Amazing initiatve. Amazing people. Another reason to celebrate education. I spoke right after this young lady who had no issue with capturing the attention and then the hearts of our audience. ...oh, I should mention that the good sport's name is Darren.


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