Tuesday, July 12, 2011

The First Flute...and the Calgary Stampede

The Calgary Stampede draws millions of people ever year, all attracted for different reasons. The last time my girls and I attended was to take in the chuckwagon races from behind the scenes. Yet the highlight was spending time with our good friends Sharon and Dennis Weber. Master Metis artist Dennis Weber was my partner in The Secret of Your Name, a best seller that is still going strong. We are currently working on a new book with a Metis focus, 1885: The Metis Resistance (first hand accounts of North West Resistance).

I am working on another book with American artist Dol Oelze (http://www.donoelzeart.com/). Our book, The First Flute, is being published by Red Deer press this coming spring. The highlight of this years Stampede was meeting with Don to go over what we had, what we needed and all the wheres and whens of our book.

I can't imagine a more exciting way to make a living than dreaming my dreams and watching them unfold through the art of such talented people as all of my partners.


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