Wednesday, December 15, 2010

My new look Website

Dear friend/reader -

I have recently made a significant change to my website. My old website, "the book", was exactly what I had hoped it would be. It was a fun, exciting flash movie created by our very close friend (and cousin) in Yorkshire, Garry Stockdill. Garry is an amazing talent who was discovered by many through my website. I will always be grateful to Garry for having been such a big part of my professional life through the past decade. I can honestly say that I had never seen an author's website that was as exciting as was mine (up until J.K. Rowling appeared on the scene).
Like anything and almost everything in life, a new breath/look is good. Change is not always good but keeping up with the times is. My flash site wasn't the easiest to navigate through. Even after adding links to Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, YouTube and a Blog...my website was a little...???...heavy? So after much soul searching (the kind of soul searching that has me getting my hair cut shorter), I sought out someone who had the vision and sensitivity I wanted in my site. I looked for an artist/designer who would understand my vision and be able to pull it off. Here dear friend, I introduce you to Michael Moore.

My site is a work in progress although I'm very happy with where it is today. Michael is working on the bookstore and helping me improve on/add to areas that are needy. This blog is new and will hopefully become a tool that will allow me to say/share things that FB and Twitter do not. I'm anxious to post some of my travels/new projects/responses to my work and experiences. This blog will allow me to do that.

That's it! ...I hope to get back in here over the Christmas season break with a few updates that pertain to my writing...as I'm working on some great projects. Until then dear reader, be safe but do take chances. Life moves along too quickly to accept the status quo. ...As a parting thought, when people ask me if I see hope for our aboriginal students in a system that has failed them for over a century, whereas I would have once said a definate no, I can now say that I watched the Berlin wall come down...and I watched the U.S. elect Barack Obama. How can I say no to anything? Everything is possible...There is a crack in the door...

From our home in Victoria to your home wherever you are, Merry Christmas and God Bless you!

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